Solutions for machine manufacturers

Solutions for machine manufacturers

Netfabb works with machine manufacturers to give you all the input needed for machine-specific build files, all within a user-friendly interface.



Netfabb works with a range of OEMs to create integrated printing experiences configured for specific machines.

These integrated print engines are tailored to work seamlessly with your hardware and provide a complete end-to-end solution from CAD file to successful printing and beyond.  

Netfabb offers integrated machine experiences for the following printers: 

Aconity | EOS | Dremel | HP | Makerbot | New Matter | Printrbot | Renishaw | SLM | SISMA | Type A |Ultimaker | Way2Production

Collaborative multi-head 3D printing

Netfabb now incorporates breakthrough control technology that powers machines with multiple extrusion-based print heads working together to print a single part. This collaborative 3D printing process makes printing industrial scale parts with greater speed and detail a possibility. In keeping with Autodesk’s focus on advancing the additive industry, we are open-sourcing the hardware specifications and the software required to create machines with this new collaborative 3D printing capability. By doing so, hardware vendors will be able to create multi-head printers that can print parts  far faster than conventional single-head printers. 

  • Open source software is available for machine manufacturers to create machines with multiple print-heads that work together collaboratively.
  • Control technology intelligently distributes tool paths between multiple print heads working in unison on a single printer.
  • Offers machine manufacturers the flexibility to experiment with a variety of build head and dimensional configurations.
  • Flexible architecture enables machine builders to create printers that integrate multiple materials, in a single print.

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