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Terms of Use for Netfabb Basic:

This "Netfabb" is a full-featured freeware edition. You are allowed to use and redistribute this software for free without registration, but is prohibited to sell the software or to sell any copies of the software. Furthermore, any form of decompilation, disassembly or reverse engineering of the software is not allowed.
By infringement of this term of use it expires immediately and all commercial profits out of the use of the software - direct or indirect - should be transferred to the author of the software.
The license to use the software can be canceled any time for important reasons by the author. Netfabb does not claim that simulations and calculations are correct or free of errors or prior art. Therefore the use of the software is at your own risk. Every kind of liability -no reason why- is excluded, as long as we are not acting of gross negligence or intention.

Please register the software free of charge, which will remove the delay during program initialization and enable the possibility to use the automatic update.
Your data are exclusively used for your information about the Netfabb® software and its further development.

You accept this term of use by downloading, execute or redistribute the basic software.

For litigations by the use of the Netfabb® software, whatever country you use the software, German law is legal.