What are the key benefits of Netfabb technology?

Netfabb provides advanced software for additive manufacturing of production quality parts. Powerful tools streamline the process of preparing parts for production, improve your productivity in analyzing and repairing build data, as well as job optimization and quote creation. Quality control functions prevent machine errors and enhance your overall process reliability and efficiency.

  • Streamline the data handling tool chain by optimizing models for Additive Manufacturing in one unbroken workflow
  • Increase your printing efficiency with automated functions to save you time, reduce material waste and shorten build times while maintaining quality
  • High level of customization gives users the flexibility and freedom to produce unique solutions
  • Break through machine limitations with advanced tools for build support generation and analysis
  • Improve profitability by quickly and accurately assessing costs and predicting issues before going to print.
How will Autodesk Netfabb be licensed?

Autodesk Netfabb software will be licensed as Autodesk Subscription offerings. This is a purchasing option that allows you to access Autodesk desktop software with lower upfront costs and license them on a term basis to meet a variety of business needs and budget considerations. 

Autodesk Netfabb software will be made available as Single-user and Multi-user Autodesk Subscription offerings with annual, multi-year, quarterly and monthly terms. 

Autodesk Netfabb software will not be available as perpetual licenses.

For what languages will Autodesk Netfabb be available?

Autodesk Netfabb 2017 software will be available initially in English and German. Additional languages will be made available in the future. 

What is happening with current Netfabb Annual Software Upgrade Agreements?

Upon agreement of Autodesk privacy policies by netfabb customers, active Netfabb Annual Software Upgrade Agreements will be transitioned to Autodesk subscription contracts. Product access, technical support and product update benefits will be honored by Autodesk through the remainder of the Netfabb Annual Software and Agreement term.

Netfabb customer information will not be transitioned to Autodesk without the customer’s consent. Autodesk will be unable to fulfill new software or provide technical support until Netfabb has been provided customers agreement to provide their information to Autodesk.

Customers can follow this link to review Autodesk privacy policies and provide consent.

Additional information regarding Autodesk Subscription terms and benefits can be found here.

How will current Netfabb Annual Software Upgrade Agreement customers receive access to Autodesk Netfabb software?

Permissions to download, activate, and use all Autodesk software subscriptions are managed through Autodesk Accounts, and this will be where Netfabb customers receive access as well.

With the release of Autodesk Netfabb 2017 offerings in June 2016, Autodesk will begin fulfillment of Autodesk Netfabb 2017 software to active netfabb Annual Software Upgrade Agreement customers.

Autodesk Accounts will be created for the defined customer contact, and notifications from Autodesk will be sent to their provided e-mail with instructions on accessing their Autodesk Account and Autodesk Netfabb Subscription software.

Can existing Netfabb customers continue to use their Netfabb software?

Yes. Existing Netfabb customers can continue to use the Netfabb software they have today in perpetuity.

How can Netfabb customers on older software transition to Autodesk Netfabb offerings?

With the introduction of Autodesk Netfabb 2017 software, existing Netfabb customers who are not active with a Netfabb Annual Software Upgrade Agreement may be eligible for discounts on the purchase of Autodesk Netfabb 2017 Subscription.

Please contact netfabb@autodesk.com for subscription and pricing information.

How can customers purchase Autodesk Netfabb offerings?

Autodesk Netfabb Standard and Premium offerings will be available for purchase in most locations from the Autodesk Store. All levels of Autodesk Netfabb software will be available for direct purchase from Autodesk. Purchases are subject to applicable terms and conditions.

Please contact netfabb@autodesk.com for more information.

What is the pricing of Autodesk Netfabb software?

Autodesk has established pricing for the new Autodesk Netfabb software offering in alignment with the Autodesk pricing framework. Pricing and availability varies by country.

Please visit the Autodesk Store for regional Autodesk Netfabb pricing or contact netfabb@autodesk.com for more information.

Will Autodesk Netfabb software be available for purchase in all regions?

Autodesk Netfabb software will be available in most but not all regions. Please visit the Autodesk Store for regional Autodesk Netfabb pricing or contact netfabb@autodesk.com for more information.

Will Autodesk Netfabb software be available to Education customers?

Autodesk Netfabb Standard software will be available to the Autodesk Education Community as a free download, under the relevant terms and conditions. Autodesk Netfabb Premium and Autodesk Netfabb Ultimate are not currently available for Education.

Will trial and evaluation offerings be available for Autodesk Netfabb software?

Autodesk Netfabb will be available as a 30 day Trial offering from the Autodesk Netfabb product pages and is subject to terms and conditions. Located at https://www.netfabb.com/try-netfabb-premium-now. The trial offering is for Premium-level software. Please contact netfabb@autodesk.com for more information on Standard or Ultimate offerings.

What support offerings are available for the Autodesk Netfabb offerings?

Autodesk Basic support is available for Autodesk Netfabb software. Please refer to the Autodesk Subscription terms and benefits for more information on Autodesk Support offerings.

How will customers get Technical Support for the Autodesk Netfabb offerings?

Autodesk subscription customers can access support contact tools through their Autodesk Account.

There are various methods of support available such as web, email, forum or community as well as phone support. You can access all methods of support through your Autodesk Account. The Autodesk Knowledge Network is also a great repository of self-supporting resources.

Will consulting services be available for Autodesk Netfabb?

Yes – The Netfabb team has been integrated into Autodesk and will offer Advanced Consulting Services for Additive Manufacturing to customers.

Please contact Gonzalo.Martinez@autodesk.com for more information.

Will product training be available for Autodesk Netfabb?

Training materials are available on netfabb.com. Custom training will be available as a service offering. Please contact Gonzalo.Martinez@autodesk.com for more information.

Where can I find more product information on the Autodesk Netfabb offerings?
Who should I contact for more information about Netfabb products or services?

For support, please contact netfabb@autodesk.com

For sales inquiries, please go to our contact form here.

Students and Universities looking for a Netfabb Standard licence, please apply here

For more information concerning the Autodesk Netfabb acquisition of Netfabb please contact noah.cole@autodesk.com