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Autodesk teams with materials manufacturers

Accelerating innovation for additive manufacturing. Read more

Leveraging the benefits of additive manufacturing

Find out how one German manufacturer is using Autodesk software to 3D print metal parts. Read more

Introducing the Autodesk Netfabb subscription offering

The 2017 release of Netfabb is now available on subscription, giving you access to a range of expert tools for professional use while keeping costs low.* Read more

New mesh manipulation tricks in netfabb 7.4

New user interface and workflow for the extrude functions and a "Shear mesh" feature have been ad... Read more

Netfabb 7 is here!

netfabb Professional/Enterprise 7 is released! Get a quick impression of the complete wor... Read more

HP's Multi-Jet Fusion Technology

We have seen and watched HP moving into the 3D printing space for a while now, and it seems that ... Read more

Case Study: 3D Printed Artificial Reefs with netfabb

Now here's a really cool project where netfabb was involved. Coral reefs belong to the mo... Read more

Free, live, online: netfabbinars demonstrate netfabb's key features in real time

netfabb has created a new service for you. Join our "netfabbinars", netfabb webinars—they are f... Read more

Release of netfabb Professional 5.1.1

Heard about our free update to netfabb Professional 5 yet? netfabb Professional 5.1.1 is ... Read more