Introducing the Autodesk Netfabb subscription offering

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Introducing the Autodesk Netfabb subscription offering

The Autodesk® Netfabb® offerings streamlines your additive manufacturing workflow making production faster, more reliable, and more repeatable. The 2017 release of Netfabb is now available on subscription, giving you access to a range of expert tools for professional use while keeping costs low.*

Top 5 reasons to subscribe to Netfabb: 

  1. Access expert tools
    Netfabb is powerful data preparation software for 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Quickly prepare, optimize, and validate your designs with a flexible set of editing tools and create high precision 3D prints.
  2. Straightforward subscription options
    Regardless of the size of your business—small, mid-size, or enterprise—Autodesk offers the flexibility to choose the subscription options that best fit your business needs: monthly, quarterly, or annual*. And, with just three tiers of subscription, it’s quick and easy to find the right solution for your needs. 
  3. Instant access to the latest software
    When you subscribe, you have instant access to the latest product release and enhancements, without waiting for major product releases.
  4. Flexibility to scale up and down
    License the software you need, when you need it. Add new licenses, mix and match different subscription terms and tiers of subscription to suit the needs of your business. You can also choose between single-user and multi-user access
  5. Lower upfront costs and predictable budgeting
    Other professional additive manufacturing software requires a large upfront capital investment. Choosing a subscription software solution allows you to try out new tools without making a big upfront capital investment. What’s more, software subscription helps you manage costs and control budgets with a predictable payment schedule and no unexpected add-ons.