Autodesk Additive Manufacturing Alliance

Autodesk Additive Manufacturing Alliance

Additive manufacturing data from an ecosystem of contributors


Accelerating innovation for additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing and 3D printing offer unlimited potential for the future of manufacturing – custom parts, lightweighting and supply chain optimization. But why should each product require an R&D project to manufacture?

What is the Autodesk Additive Manufacturing Alliance?

Autodesk has established an Additive Manufacturing Alliance that brings together leading machines and materials companies to solve new problems, expand the capabilities of additive manufacturing, and provide deep insight into how materials can be used in design, simulation and manufacturing processes.

Working together, we are developing an online database to allow designers and engineers to choose from combinations of materials, machines, and parameters. This will help you achieve better results for 3D printed parts, simulate end-part performance, and speed the innovations made possible by additive manufacturing.

To learn more about how material solutions are characterized, download the whitepaper below.

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Meet the Autodesk Additive Manufacturing Alliance

Powered by some of the most trusted names in manufacturing materials, this alliance provides valuable material- and machine-specific data and insights from selection and design through final production. Our goal is to continue to grow the Additive Manufacturing Alliance to include more of the technologies supported by Netfabb, including metals and other new innovative materials.