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Nature has created warm-blooded creatures where the optimum body temperature is regulated by circulation of blood through arteries and Veins. For tooling, a similar system of cooling channes is desirable but very time-consuming with traditional CAD.

With the Selective Space Structures (3S) software, the design of tools can be automated through the use of "intelligent structures" and automatic scripts. The cooling system is generated from a library of different unit cells that are combined to form the desired cooling channels. Boundary conditions, design rules and rule of thub practices can all be programmed into the script by the tool designer.

The 3S software includes a powerful simulation function to verify the automatically generated cooling channels and the resulting 3S slice file.

The tool is completed with the additive fabrication technology of choice. The above tool, cut in half to visualize the cooling channels, was built with DMLS in an EOS M270.

Material reduction

cooling channels


Powerful simulation


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