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  • "I have to say, I'm beginning to fall in love with Netfabb's simplicity.."
    Jordan Bunker, @TensorFlux on Twitter


  • "I just bought a copy of the ultimaker engine for netfabb basic. 
    I haven't gotten that far into exploring it yet, but my first print was easy
    and way better quality than any of my previous prints with the available free
    software, without even having calibrated it yet.  It's clear from watching the
    printhead that there's a lot of optimizations involved in generating the Gcode,
    and it shows in the quality of the print.  Just wanted to say thanks for making
    some great drivers." A happy customer via email



  • "When creating g-code from the fixed .stl, all the artifacts were gone. Way cool. Thanks."
    Peter Shenkin
    , satisified user of
    "The improvement in quality of that print is mostly due to ,
    generating the GCode. Plus ABS also looks good." Erik de Bruijn Founder, Ultimaking Ltd.
    Member and Active Contributor of the RepRap Foundation


  • "Anyway, off to Google 3D Warehouse again, and I found the perfect item, the
    Chrysler Building. After that was done, I loaded it up into Netfabb to use it's
    slicing feature. I probably should learn how to do this in Blender 3D properly, but
    Netfabb makes it so easy. Literally drag a scroll bar, hit Cut, then Export. The size
    of my model ended being about 320mm tall, and knowing my MakerBot can print
    about 105mm max, I decided to go safe and cut it into 4 pieces, each one about
    80mm tall." jwolee on Thingiverse


  • "I want to thank you for this service, it really saved my day having designed a part
    where Skeinforge complained bitterly about...


  • So, kudo's to you!! regards, Tom" Tom  (via email)


  • "Your software is great with booleans and repairing mesh: I spare whole days of frustrating
    job with other software fails!" Maurizio Rosa, Design and Prototyping
    "I just wanted to add that the iPhone app is brilliant - I have wanted something like it for ages..."
    Chris Cornish, 3D Scanning Consultant,


  • "netfabb is a very significant development in software for design of parts for manufacturing
    using rapid prototyping technologies. The software frees the product development engineer
    from the limitations of complexity and file size in conventional CAD programs. We use
    the software for designing lightweight high performance ceramic structures with tailored
    macro and micro porosity." Andrew Jeffery, Founder and President, Viridis Innovation LLC,
    Boston MA,


  • “We were pleased to find netfabb a reliable and powerful software capable of producing
    complex lattice structures with locally tailored geometry. In the design of customized
    Titanium Implants, such a capability proves to be very useful in enhancing bone response and
    controlling the mechanical behavior of the implants. The software has very intuitive commands
    that enhances the creative design of structures, minimizing time and memory usage, making the
    production of parts with very high complexity a breeze rather more than just a possibility.”
    Gilbert Chahine, Research Assistant and PhD Candidate, Research Center for Advanced
    Manufacturing, Lyle School of Engineering, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, USA


  • "We are both shocked and extremely grateful at the free capability provided by netfabb.
     We have already used it in a number of projects and are very pleased with the results.  We look
    forward to using NetFabb in our state education efforts with ZCorp 3D printing.  Its ease of
    use and fantastic features will allow students to do so much more than we previously could."
    Emil Reyes, CEO, RAPID Technology LLC,


  • "netfabb’s Selective Space Structures (3S) has been incredibility useful to us. It is the only
    software we have found to date that is capable handling and producing large net structures
    required for the scale of components we produce for the aerospace industry."


  • "It's unique ability to individually tailor each truss within a structure allows fine tuning
    of the mechanical behaviour, whilst greatly reducing component weight and fabrication time."
    Dr. Michael Blackmore, Design Engineer at the Innovative Metals Processing Centre (IMPC).
    About IMPC:IMPC is the additive manufacturing group of the AMRC with Boeing, at
    the University of Sheffield.


  • "Your method worked! I think that netfabb treatment should be mandatory for all people
    making models for shapeways!!


  • "If you want to repair your files i can say: Netfabb works the best for repairing, never
    let me down yet.
    " Satisfied users from (1, 2)

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