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» netfabb Selective Space Structures—Design for the New Manufacturing Revolution

netfabb Selective Space Structures (3S) creates complex structures for unique part properties from standard additive manufacturing materials.


Create unique properties
Nature uses structures to create unique properties from a limited number of basic materials. Structures determine the functional potential of organisms to survive and compete in an ever-changing world. netfabb brings this power to your design process.

Optimize for function
Selective Space Structures (3S) enables creation of complex structures and digital materials to be used with basic additive manufacturing materials as raw materials. Selective Space Structures can tailor the properties of parts to optimize for function and push the boundaries of additive manufacturing to new levels.

Fast and easy to use
Selective Space Structures (3S) is fast and easy to use. The intuitive user interface provides a powerful tool for the user to create the most intricate and complex structures. If you can dream it, 3S can make it.

Develop and Manufacture
Develop your own library of structures by combining orthogonal unit cells. Use bars, surfaces or 3D models as needed to create the most intricate and complex shapes and forms.

Manufacture structured parts by easily applying structures from the library onto solid models. Export the structures as slice files to save memory and ensure maximum quality in manufacturing.


Material reduction







Specific applications

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