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Proper file fixing skills and tools will eliminate errors
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» STL Repair & Fixing

Understanding the basics of STL and how to edit the triangle mesh is not much harder
then editing a photo to remove red eyes or change the size of the picture.

Proper file fixing skills and tools will eliminate errors in the build files and increase
machine throughput, save money and increase the quality of your parts.

The netfabb Studio STL file fixing & repair tools are designed to both detect
and repair errors in triangulated meshes. The advanced features include functions
such as part editing, retriangulation, file reduction, boolean operations and mesh
refinement. netfabb Professional is a professional software solution that
provides advanced STL file repairing and fixing capabilities at an affordable price,
allowing multiple users to take advantage of a professional file fixing tool.

netfabb Basic is a free software that provides basic file repair capabilities at no charge.

The examples below demonstrates a selection of STL repair tools in netfabb
Basic and Professional. Feel free to examine the examples and compare
the results with your favourite STL editing suite.

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stl file viewer

File browser with preview

Slice export

Scale, mirror, translate, rotate

Save triangles as part

Simple automatic part repair

Measurements of parts

Self-Intersections Removal

Part analysis

Netproject import/export

Metric «» Inch

 - Play Video - Get STL File -