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  • "netfabb’s Selective Space Structures (3S) has been incredibility useful to us. It is the only software we have found to date that is capable handling and producing large net structures required for the scale of components we produce for the aerospace industry."[ more ]

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3S Scripting

3S Scripting enables users to script a workflow of commands in the netfabb Selective Space Structures (3S) software. This is extremely useful in production applications where a certain design principle is applied on a regular basis. Benefits of 3S Scripting include:

  • Time savings for regularly occuring tasks
  • Quality Enhancement by ensuring that a workflow is processed to an exact specification
  • Capability of less experienced operators to carry out complex tasks
  • A tool to program proprietary functions into Selective Space Structures

Examples of applications where 3S Scripting have provided large benefits include:

  • Generation of complex cooling channels in tools
  • Design of structured implants in accordance with a pre-defined and qualified design procedure
  • Generation of complex light weight structures in arbitrary components

The 3S Scripting tool is based on the LUA Programming Language, a powerful, fast, lightweight and embeddable scripting language. For more information about LUA please visit or