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Professional 3D printing software
netfabb Professional / netfabb Enterprise is an advanced software for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing.
netfabb Professional/Enterprise improves your productivity in quote creation, checking and repairing
of build data, as well as job optimization. Quality control with netfabb Professional prevents
machine errors and enhances your overall process reliability and efficiency.

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For more info on the new features in netfabb Professional/Enterprise 6.0, please watch our webinars:

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Get productive within minutes
The netfabb Professional software is user-friendly and very easy to
learn—our large user base of more than 80,000 active users speaks for itself.
Please see also the testimonials from leading companies and universities.




Use netfabb in the entire company
Does your company's structure rely on quick access to all build data? Our
well-priced, multi-license business editions with floating capability enable your
entire organization to work with a common platform for professional handling
of data for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing.



A complete product
The portfolio is rounded off by an extensive range of services such as consulting,
training, servicing and long-term maintenance contracts.




  • Fast and fully automatic part repair
    Completely reworked one-click automatic repair, now 80 % faster in
    established netfabb quality. Improved manual repair mode with simplified
    user experience and detailed undo and redo functionality.
  • Macro scripting for machine-specific part manipulation
    The automatic Z-compensation prevents machine caused deformations
    of parts. Integrated batch mode for autonomous repair, scaling, refinement,
    triangle reduction, part grouping, and renaming of hundreds of files.


  • Mesh modification
    Adjust the mesh with retriangulation, triangle reduction, freeform clipping,
    cutting, and the highly enhanced Boolean operations. Add text, emboss logos
    and extrude 2D images to 3D. Make editing easier with transparent view and clip
    planes to access hidden areas and the inside of parts for editing.
  • Ensure high quality surfaces
    Improved surface smoothing, slice optimization, and mesh comparison.
    Convert slices to triangulated meshes for quality control.
  • Work even faster and more efficiently
    Completely reworked user interface for part nesting, rotation, scaling, translation,
    and alignment. Use fewer clicks every day.


  • Quick calculations based on volume, dimensions, and surface area
    Get accurate part properties for accurate pricing. Wrap surfaces and ensure
    perfect data to get correct part volume and dimensions.
  • Analyze part features to predict costs and build issues
    Control all parameters related to costs, quality, and process stability. Get a fast
    overview of wall thickness, support volume, shadow surfaces, layer times,
    upskin and downskin areas.
  • Integrated document writer for quoting, management, and quality control
    Automatic creation of build reports including images and part properties.
    Define your own templates, create quotes, and project plans in seconds.


  • All netfabb productivity advantages now also for full color printing
    Import, view, and convert colored and textured models. Analyze, repair,
    and edit surfaces to get printable and perfect full-color parts.


Check out the Screenshot Gallery


  • Reduce material consumption and build time
    Hollow, cut, and nest parts more efficiently.
    An improved user interface and optimized algorithms allow a much
    faster and easier operation.
  • Increase process reliability
    Geometrical error detection, surface wrapping, realtime collision detection,
    interlocking test.
  • Always create flawless slices—guaranteed
    Integrated slice editor with offsets, Boolean, filling, cutting, and point
    reduction operations on slice level. Never experience build failures
    due to slicing errors again.


  • New outstanding features in netfabb Professional 5.2
    • Color, texture and labeling tools
    • Professional part analysis tools
    • New slicing features
    • New business workflow and process improvement
    • New edit, design and mesh manipulation
    • Detailed feature list download the pdf
  • Supported file formats
    The software supports all common mesh and cad formats and can save the resulting files in many different 3D printing formats. More about supported fileformats: download the pdf
  • System requirements
    • Operating Systems
      Win XP, Win 7 32-bit, Win 7 64-bit, Win 8 · MacOS · Linux 32-bit, Linux 64-bit
    • CPU & RAM ·
      For a fluent workflow 2 GB RAM and a 2 GHz Prozessor are recommended. · Generally: The bigger and more complex the 3D file, the more RAM is required. · For the Automatic Packing add-on at least 4 GB RAM are required (the better the graphics card and the more memory you have, the faster the program).
    • Languages:
      English, German, Russian, Japanese (), simplified Chinese (简笔字) and traditional Chinese (簡筆字)
    • Video
      Improved display with a graphic card that’s compatible with OpenGL 3.X Connection · USB 2.0 Port (for the Dongle)


1 Your software is great with booleans and repairing mesh: I spare whole days of frustrating job with other software fails!" Maurizio Rosa, Design and Prototyping Consultant, "I just wanted to add that the iPhone app is brilliant - I have wanted something like it for ages
Chris Cornish, 3D Scanning Consultant,
2 netfabb is a very significant development in software for design of parts for manufacturing using rapid prototyping technologies. The software frees the product development engineer from the limitations of complexity and file size in conventional CAD programs. We use the software for designing lightweight high performance ceramic structures with tailored macro and micro porosity
Andrew Jeffery, Founder and President, Viridis Innovation LLC
3 We were pleased to find netfabb a reliable and powerful software capable of producing complex lattice structures with locally tailored geometry. In the design of customized Titanium Implants, such a capability proves to be very useful in enhancing bone response and controlling the mechanical behavior of the implants. The software has very intuitive commands that enhances the creative design of structures, minimizing time and memory usage, making the production of parts with very high complexity a breeze rather more than just a possibility
Gilbert Chahine, Lyle School of Engineering, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, USA
4 We are both shocked and extremely grateful at the free capability provided by netfabb.  We have already used it in a number of projects and are very pleased with the results.  We look forward to using netfabb in our state education efforts with ZCorp 3D printing.  Its ease of use and fantastic features will allow students to do so much more than we previously could.
Emil Reyes, CEO, RAPID Technology LLC,
5 netfabb’s Selective Space Structures (3S) has been incredibility useful to us. It is the only software we have found to date that is capable handling and producing large net structures required for the scale of components we produce for the aerospace industry.
Emil Reyes, CEO, RAPID Technology LLC,
6 It's unique ability to individually tailor each truss within a structure allows fine tuning of the mechanical behaviour, whilst greatly reducing component weight and fabrication time
Dr. Michael Blackmore, About IMPC:IMPC is the additive manufacturing group of the AMRC with Boeing, at the University of Sheffield.
7 Your method worked! I think that netfabb treatment should be mandatory for all people making models for shapeways!
Satisfied users from
8 If you want to repair your files i can say: Netfabb works the best for repairing, never let
me down yet.
Satisfied users from


Automatic Packing add-on
For efficient production, automatically nest your objects in the build chamber at the push of a button. The 3D packing function places parts in a three-dimensional box volume and is primarily targeted for laser sintering machines but can be used on any other machines where parts can be stacked reasonably freely. [ more ]




CAD Import add-on
Convert original CAD data inside netfabb Professional regardless which CAD program your client is using. With netfabb Professional you can import 20 leading CAD formats* without conversion and translation errors. After converting the model, its buildability is checked, possible imperfections are repaired and the production is started. Meet your delivery deadlines without troubling engineers or customers about file conversion. [ more ]



Selective Space Structures (3S)

3S Invent add-on

A complete engineering and developer's kit featuring all functions of the 3S software. Create your own proprietary structures and turn your designs into advanced structural solutions with superior performance. [ more ]







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