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Automatic file repair with a success rate of over 99%

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A spell checker for 3D Printing
netfabb cloud services will save you time and money by taking care of the many
common errors in 3D models that otherwise would require manual repair by a dedicated
designer. The service closes holes in the model, fixes face normals, removes
self-intersections, and more.

Integrated service for your website or app
netfabb's Model Repair Service is the definite solution for 3D printing and
Additive Manufacturing business processes to handle every file that visitors
throw at your website, taking away uploading and analysis and fixing headaches.

Focus on your core business
Eliminate tasks distracting you from your core business. Ensuring data integrity
without interaction is a crucial component of your success and your earning
generating workflow.

Improve your customer's experience

  • Deliver instant quoting with automatic extraction of part data and thumbnails.
  • Avoid the trouble and cost of manually dealing with sorting of files, verification
    of printability and repair of broken geometries for production.
  • Implement your custom pricing based on correct part volume, surface area,
    support volume, and more.
  • Connect to your ERP system, and enhance your internal processes with an
    easy to use cloud solution.

Microsoft® Model Repair 3d fixing with microsoft service

Repair your 3D models!
For non-commercial purposes, use the free Microsoft® Model Repair service at
. Use your Microsoft® account to upload and
repair STL, OBJ and 3MF files within seconds—and forget about all file troubles you
might experience with your personal 3D printer.

Automate your processes
The service can automatically address a large amount of files that normally would have to
be handled manually. It will reduce your costs while improving your speed of handling,
quality and review of the 3D printing data.

Benefit from our expertise  
netfabb model repair is the most widely used file fixing system within the 3D printing
industry today. Our core algorithms are tested and refined over many years and have an
excellent fixing rate. We can repair most types of defects, whether they come from
CAD translation, modeling errors, or even from digital scans.

Popular services trust and use netfabb
Shapeways, 3D Hubs and the Microsoft® Builder App have successfully been using cloud solutions
by netfabb for their 3D model uploads for years.

Full scalability
netfabb Model Repair Service is hosted on the Microsoft® Azure cloud computing
platform which provides performance, stability and reliability as workloads increase
in size and complexity. Avoid the hassle of managing infrastructure by using a proven system.

Secure data handling
All transfers are secured via SSL, and the data is hosted in the Microsoft® Azure Storage
environment in the United States. All stored data is anonymized and purged after a
certain time period or on request.

upload your stl file, analyze, repair, data for quoting, download

Fast and smooth integration via REST
netfabb Model Repair Service is easy to implement on your server or website. The service can
be accessed via a straight-forward to use REST API. After ordering, we will create your personal
account, and you are able to start.  Code examples, documentation and libraries are
provided in PHP and .NET.