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netfabb Private is an advanced software for professional editing
of 3D Printing data. It is licensed for non-commercial use only and
features most of the tools used daily by professionals in additive manufacturing
and 3d printing. With netfabb Private you can ensure that all your models can
be printed with a good result and reduce the risk of failed builds and wasted material.

Most CAD systems and scanners for personal use create STL or OBJ data but
the files often need to be edited for a good result. You may also wish to make
solid parts hollow or add text and other features to a part before starting the
3D printer. netfabb Private will provide you with a fully-loaded tool-box to
do all this and much more:

No matter if you are running your own 3D printer or if you are using 3D printing
services you will always get the best result if you use the best possible data.
The quality control offered by using a professional software tool like
netfabb Private will save you time and money and make your hobby
much more fun.

For more benefits please see our product brochure and customer feedbacks.

Be a winner, use netfabb Private!


netfabb Private is only for private clients and private usage – all commercial usage is prohibited.

Every version of netfabb Private is connected to its specific license file number and the name of the purchasing person. Delivery and invoicing of “netfabb Private” is not possible to corporate and institutional addresses.