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» netfabb Mobile for Android, iPhone, or iPod Touch

netfabb Mobile is an easy-to-use viewing application for STL-files, running on the Android Phone, iPhone and iPod Touch.

As a complement to the free desktop software netfabb Basic and the professional software netfabb Studio Professional, netfabb Mobile is a genuine companion for sharing and handling STL files.

With netfabb Mobile in your Android Phone, iPhone, or iPod Touch, you can bring 3D models on STL format in your pocket and view or showcase files anywhere you are, at a random meeting with a customer on the street, at an internal meeting, at trade shows & conferences, or any place you want to visualize your designs.

The user interface is intuitive and easy to master and you will quickly learn how to zoom, pan, and rotate the parts on the screen. You can even change the color scheme if you want something different from the default metallic look. Zoom in to check the details of the mesh or use any of the pre-defined views to get a fast overview of the part.

With netfabb’s intuitive drag & drop interface, mobile viewing of 3D data is as easy as handling songs in iTunes.

Manage files

netfabb Mobile allows you to manage and synchronize your files in a professional manner. By using the “download from web” function, you can download a file from the web directly into your iPhone or iPod Touch. Back in the office, you can connect to your desktop version of netfabb Basic or netfabb Professional and synchronize your portable files with your computer. This feature is available in netfabb Studio version 4.5 and higher.

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Manage files

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