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Additive Fabrication technologies have evolved towards building medical implants that provide faster delivery, much easier customization and better fit and function than what is possible with conventional technology.

Customization of individual implants provides an immediate fit and eliminates the need of time-consuming adjustments during surgery. This saves time in the operating room and reduces operating costs as well as the risk of medical complications.

Additive Manufacturing technology provides a means for fast and cost-efficient fabrication of implants with customized design. The fundamentals of additive fabrication also provide an opportunity to build implants in a manner very similar to how nature develops bodies with lattice structures. This is extraordinarily beneficial in the fabrication of implants where a metal implant shall interface with living bone and tissue and provide quality of life for a human being. The Selective Space Structures (3S) software is fully compatible with both Electron Beam Melting (EBM) and Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), both of which are commercially used in production of standard as well as customized implants.

Lattice structure implants provide unique benefits

Lattice structure implants provide a solution to several clinical and life quality issues associated with solid metal implants. Properly designed, lattice structure implants can provide:

  • A structural surface architecture which can facilitate primary fit during surgery
  • A structural surface architecture which will enhance secondary fit due to enhanced bone in-growth
  • Permeability of the implant
  • Reduced weight of the implant
  • Reduced temperature conductivity which reduce cold-weather issues for the patient
  • Some visibility for X-ray behind the implant

Implants designed with the netfabb Selective Space Structures (3S) software represent the ultimate in implant design for lattice structured implants. The 3S software enables cost-efficient design of highly complex structures through its ability to design and standardize unit elements and apply them to any implant geometry with automatic scripts. 3S provide the designer with an efficient tool to exploit knowledge of body-implant interaction in order to develop individually optimized implants for a given situation.

Unique tool for efficient design of Customized Implants

3S is tailored for additive fabrication and addresses many problems of quickly designing customized implants. Its unique software architecture allows:

  • Quick generation of structural design from CT-scan data which will minimize implant development and engineering
  • Fast slicing which will minimize lead time from design to fabrication
  • Cost-efficient data handling, which will further reduce engineering and computation costs and facilitate distribution of fabrication
    data to the implant manufacturer

The Selective Space Structures (3S) software truly represents the next generation of software for advanced lattice structure design. FIT is set forth to have a radical impact on how implants are designed and manufactured in the future.

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minimize implant development

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