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» Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does netfabb differs from other 3D printing software products?

A: netfabb is extremely easy to learn and to use. You can start working like a 3D printing professional without investing weeks into the learning process of the software.

Q: Why do 3D files so often require to be fixed and repaired?

A: A 3D file has to fulfill certain criteria to be printable on AM machines. Often the 3D files generated in CAD software tools or 3D data from scanned objects do not fulfill that criteria e.g. the 3D files need to represent a solid object (no holes, no incorrect orientation of surfaces etc.). With netfabb you can fix almost anything when it comes to make 3D files printable.

Q: Why should I buy netfabb Professional?

A: For everyday use, we implemented several additional functionalities and improved the user interface to allow a comfortable handling you don't want to miss. The additional functions are packaged into netfabb Studio Professional. For more details, take a look at the feature list.


netfabb Professional

Q: Is netfabb Professional upgradeable?

A: Yes. You can upgrade it with several add-ons like e.g. the netfabb CAD Import, netfabb Automatic Packing and netfabb Selective Space Structures (3S).


Q: I have netfabb Professional version X.X. How can I upgrade it to a newer version?

A: There are several options: 1. You purchase an upgrade to a newer version (the upgrade from netfabb Professional 4X to netfabb Professional 5 costs 899,00 € net (1,199.00 USD net in USA)). 2. You purchase a Maintenance contract for netfabb Professional where the upgrades are included when they are released within the year of the purchased mainteance.


Q: I am student. Is there any way I can receive an educational discount on netfabb Professional?

A: As a student you can purchase netfabb Professional for a special educational price. In this case however you will not be able to use netfabb Professional commercially, even after you are not a student anymore. For the purchase of netfabb Professional as a student we require proof of your student status in the form of 1. a paid tuition fee bill, and 2. an official registration for the present semester. A copy of a student ID card is not sufficient.


netfabb Private

Q: What is the main difference between netfabb Professional and netfabb Private?

A: netfabb Professional can be used commercially, be upgraded with add-ons and has additional industry relevant features. netfabb Private can be used only privately and is not upgradeable with add-ons.


Q: What does "private usage" mean concerning netfabb Private?

A: Private usage means that you are allowed to use netfabb Private only at your home for hobby purposes. You are not allowed to use it for the editing or fixing of 3D data which is meant to be used in a company or to genereate any kind of revenue. If you want to do anything business like with netfabb then you a required to use netfabb Basic or netfabb Professional. netfabb Private is only for private clients and private usage at home – a commercial usage is blocked and prohibited. Every version of netfabb Private is individually watermarked and connected to its specific license file number and the name of the purchasing person.


netfabb Basic

Q: Is netfabb Basic really free?

A: Yes, totally free to use it privately and commercially.


Q: So netfabb Basic is only an evaluation version?

A: No, netfabb Basic has no usage limitations. It does not contain any shareware, adware or spyware. You may use it freely for any purpose you have. You may also distribute it freely (of course without charge!), as long as all the files remain unchanged.


Q: Does netfabb Basic contain functionality for all steps for data preparation?

A: Yes. If you would like to know why, take a look at "netfabb explained".


Q: Will netfabb Basic be free in the future?

A: Yes. We are developing and working on for future versions. Upcoming netfabb Basic editions will at least contain as many features as current ones. netfabb Basic is essential for our strategy of providing a common platform for 3D Printing data across the organisation.


Q: Is netfabb Basic upgradeable with add-ons or to netfabb Private or to netfabb Professional?

A: No.


Software functionality & documentation

Q: Are netfabb Professional and netfabb Private able to perform boolean operations?

A: Yes, netfabb Professional and netfabb Private include stable boolean operations.

Q: Is there any deeper documentation?

A: We are working hard on it and publish new info on this website continuously. Please visit for more info.

Software compatibility

Q: Does netfabb Professional support file format "XXX?

A: Please take a look on our Supported File Formats data sheet.

Q: Does netfabb run on my operating system?

A: Please take a look on the System Requirements data sheet.

Q: What are the minimum system requirements to use netfabb?

A: Please take a look on the System Requirements data sheet.


Q: What is the maximum file size I can handle with netfabb?

A: You are not limited by your file size but only by the RAM of your system. A minimum of 2 GB RAM is recommended.

Ordering & Payment

For all questions concerning ordering and payment please see the Order now page.