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The Volume Structures Executor is a software to create advanced structural components. It combines an unlimited number of structure types from a library and applies them on solid parts for Additive Manufacturing. netfabb provides a number of standard structures and offers additional structures for purchase. They can also be transferred from any other part on which the 3S Structures Generator has been applied.


The Volume Structures Executor is an ideal solution for the production of structured parts with Additive Manufacturing. It allows you to quickly and efficiently convert solid models to structural solutions.

The concept is simple and straighforward:

  1. Choose a structure and define the size of fragment cells.
  2. Apply the structure on a part. The solid model replaced by a lattice of fragment cells.
  3. Edit the fragments to create groups, skins, core etc.
  4. Apply individual cell types to each of these fragments groups.
  5. Create simulation, slice the model and export the file to the desired format

To see the workflow, please check the example below where an octagon structure is applied to a spherical solid and a slice output file is created in just about 2 minutes.

Developers and engineers with the need to develop their own structure types require the 3S Structures Generator. With the 3S Structures Generator, you can develop your own structures for specific applications. These can be entered into a company library. That way, production uses only approved structures with known performances and qualified build parameters.


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