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» Case Study: Sophie Kahn

Sophie Kahn, Artist
Brooklyn, NY
I misuse high-end 3d scanners to achieve the glitchy, fragmented look of my sculptures. While these scanners are capable of producing very clean results, I am more interested in the look of the raw data. This results in .stl files that require extensive repair: thousands of flipped triangles, holes, multiple shells and large areas of self-intersecting geometry are the norm. 
Since I graduated and lost access to expensive rapid prototyping software, I have had to work with service bureaus to prepare my stl files. While they always did an excellent job, my files have been time-consuming and so the cost of repairing them taxed my limited budget. Now with netfabb Studio, I have been able to do all my own file preparation, at no cost.
First I use netfabb's automated repair functions to clean up the data. I then offset the sweeps, to give them a thickness for 3d printed output. I use self-intersection detection and Boolean functions to remove self-intersecting geometry and join the scanner sweeps together into a single shell. Lastly, I use netfabb's extrude feature to build mounts for the sculpture bases.
netfabb has allowed me to produce new work at a fraction of the cost and has made a huge difference to my productivity and to immediacy and flexibility  of my practice.
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