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» Shapeways Mesh Medic - a netfabb Cloud Solution Success Story

Shapeways Inc.
New York, NY

Thursday March 11, 2010, was a big day for Shapeways. With the introduction of the Mesh Medic service Shapeways launched a revolutionary tool for their customers. Powered by the netfabb Cloud Solutions installed on Shapeways servers, Mesh Medic is an automated 3D printing file repair solution that deals with many issues people have when trying to design for 3D printing.

All files uploaded to Shapeways are examined and health checked by the Mesh Medic/netfabb Cloud Solutions. If needed, the netfabb Cloud Solutions enable the Mesh Medic to repair holes, invert inverted normals back to normal, repair manifolds and generally fix the files for manufacturing.


The netfabb Cloud Solutions powered Mesh Medic fixes more than 95% of the damaged files uploaded to Shapeways. This enables fast and timely delivery of parts while providing Shapeways with huge cost savings in file handling and repair. Damaged files that otherwise would have been rejected are turned into revenue and manhours for manual fixing of files are kept to an absolute minimum. For Shapeways, with way over 20,000 uploads per month, this is big money.

netfabb Cloud Solutions handle files on various 3D formats, such as STL, X3D, VRML or OBJ including colored parts, and are available for Windows, Linux or Mac servers. While netfabb Cloud Solutions are primarily to be installed on the customers own servers, netfabb also offers a subscription-based small business solution minimizing initial investments.

More information about how the netfabb Cloud can impact your business can be found at our cloud description page.

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