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» Joachim Strerath

Joachim Strerath, early-retired
Hüfingen, Germany

Being in my fifties, I unfortunately had to retire early due to illness. But I've always wanted to keep myself mentally fit, which is why I was looking for a challenging new hobby - and found 3D-printing. I got an old Repstrap, modified to trapezoid waves with 8mm pitch, the electronics from Makerbot Mega 2560. Looking for a software with which I could create and edit *.stl files, I came across netfabb and I was delighted: It just met my taste and my way of thinking.

3D Statue of Liberty Screenshot   

      3D Statue of Liberty cut Screenshot

When I was browsing through Google, I found a sketchup file of the Statue of Liberty. I had the idea to print it and to use the statue as an illuminated sculpture for my living room. So I downloaded it and opened it with netfabb. I hollowed the statue and the socket – in order to save material -  and scaled it up to almost 60cm (about 2 feet). By doing that, my printing area was completely exceeded and I had to cut statue and socket into suitable pieces. With netfabb, that was really easy to do. Then I printed the single parts.

After the job had finished, I put the pieces together with simple pipe glue and bought a very reasonably priced inspection lamp – one of those you use for repairing cars. I prepared the lamp, so only the electronics and the 8 watt neon tube were left and added a hand switch to the cable. Then I assembled all the loose parts - and finished was my very special, unique living room lamp!

selfmade 3D printer Statue of Liberty Lamp single parts Statue of Liberty Lamp shining

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