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If you're wondering about how many different ways of using netfabb exist, here are just a few examples for you. By clicking through the projects, you will realize that there is no limitation of ideas and possibilities in our software. Get to know our outstanding features, presented by customers who use netfabb for scientific, economic, artistic or fun purpose. Just click on the picture of a case study.


3D print service

Shapeways Mesh Medic - a netfabb Cloud Solution success story.



Sophie Kahn

Using netfabb Studio Professional
for creating imposing sculptures.

sopie kahn


rapid prototyping services

At FIT, one of Germany's largest RP bureaus, netfabb has packed hundreds of build platforms.

fit company


ipt - Institute for Polymer Technologies

Product and process development
at the Institute for Polymere Technologies.

ipt logo


James B. Gardiner
research project

Exploring the emerging design territory of construction 3D printing
- project led architectural research.

rwth aachen university direct inkjet printing netfabb


University of California
Mech. & Aerospace Engineering

Material science and bioprinting research.

university of california


ClearCorrect LLC
manufacturer of clear aligners

Improving manufacturing efficiency with a specifically customized netfabb Cloud.

clearcorrect file repair netfabb cloud




Joachim Strerath

An extraordinary idea, the Statue
of Liberty, a 3D-printer and an inspection lamp.



RWTH Aachen University

Slicing: meet the requirements for Direct Inkjet Printing.

rwth aachen university direct inkjet printing netfabb  

Dr. Bernd Kessler
dentist and implantologist

Creating modells of jawbones to
plan operations.

dr kessler small

Ian Hanna

3D printing an ukulele with a bear head with the help of netfabb's Boolean operations.