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» F.I.T. GmbH

F.I.T. GmbH, Service Bureau
Parsberg, Germany

We are one of the largest service bureaus for Additive Manufacturing in Germany, with a machine park of several EOS, SLM, Arcam, Objet, Voxeljet and Sintermask machines. As mother company of netfabb, we have been using a predecessor software of netfabb Studio for more than 9 years, and we have packed hundreds of build platforms for our machines containing hundreds of thousands of parts.

Thanks to netfabb's unique packing utilities, we get a very good packing density for all of our technologies. This is a key factor to be competitive in our market and has made a huge contribution to our rapid growth in the past few years. Our quality assurance system - based on netfabb Studio and netfabb Cloud - is capable of tracking all parts leaving our facility. Within a second, we are able to recover the logged production process details of every single part that has been produced since 2004.

Furthermore, we use netfabb's Selective Space Structures extensively for manufacturing both metal and plastic products. We have created dozens of structure applications for our partners in various industries, such as the Automotive and Aerospace industries, and the medical engineering sector. F.I.T. is certified by EN ISO 13485:2003 and creates medical implants in mass production.

Thomas Geitner, Lead Production Manager, F.I.T. GmbH

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