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» ClearCorrect, LLC

ClearCorrect, LLC
Houston, Texas, USA
ClearCorrect is a manufacturer of clear aligners: They produce invisible braces in order to straighten teeth. As the company works together with more than 11,000 doctors, they need a simple way to automate and streamline their process. netfabb Cloud Solutions are a perfect match for their needs.
"ClearCorrect prints many unique models each day and we were looking for a way to make our process more efficient. netfabb Cloud had the fastest packing algorithm of any product we looked at, and the LUA scripting was perfect for integration with our in-house ERP tools. Alexander at netfabb not only wrote the LUA script, but made changes to netfabb core that helped improve our manufacturing efficiency by over 20% over one of netfabb's leading competitor at a fraction of the cost. netfabb is our type of company: great customer service, good prices, and outstanding quality."

Jarrett Pumphrey, CEO of ClearCorrect, LLC

clearcorrect aligner








After passing through the netfabb's Software, the clear aligners are fabricated with the help of Objet 3D Printing Systems. Together, they are bringing mass-scaled high quality products to customers. (For more information about the collaboration of ClearCorrect LLC and Objet Ltd.)

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