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» How to buy netfabb software

netfabb Sales

The straight way to buy netfabb directly from us.

To get in contact with our Sales Team, please just send an email to

Our qualified staff will be very happy to guide you through the portfolio of netfabb products to find the optimum solution for your needs. netfabb sales people are available Monday to Friday from 9:00 CET to 17:00 CET at the telephone number

+49(0) 94 92 601 6400

Authorized Resellers

You can also contact any of our local resellers. We have resellers in many countries and our network of Authorized Resellers keeps growing. Please visit our Authorized netfabb Resellers page to find out who delivers into your country. We at netfabb GmbH deliver into all countries except those blocked by the EU trading embargo.

Most of our resellers also offer netfabb products in their online shops, where the purchase can be done. Please visit our reseller world map where you can find the direct links to their online shops.

We have resellers speaking the following languages:

Please note that maintenance & support packages can only be bought directly from us.


Ordering Information

Payment options:

Via PayPal, you can also use your Credit Card for payment.
Invoicing will be done in Euro or USD.


For most products you will receive a DVD-Box-Package containing a CD with the software and a metal Dongle.
Smaller Updates and netfabb Private will be delivered via online download.


Delivery duration: