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The netfabb Business Editions are tailored for different sizes of companies
and their needs for professional solutions to take control of their data for
3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. Mesh edit, efficient file repair, slicing, and
much more—netfabb Business Editions are your software solutions for professional
3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing.

The netfabb Business Editions include multiple seats of netfabb Professional as well
as CAD Import. The netfabb Business Editions are ideal for companies with a need
stabilized machine process control and for professional file handling capabilities within
a workgroup and in the field.

We offer 3 different Business Editions

  • netfabb Small Business Edition (2 seats + 1 CAD Import)
  • netfabb Business Edition (5 seats + 2 CAD Import)
  • netfabb Enterprise Edition ( up to 100 seats + 5 CAD Import)

Detailed comparison of netfabb Business Packages

CAD Import

Extended analysis

Boolean operations

Efficient part repair

Export slice formats ABF, CLS, CLF, USF, PS

Live Collision Detection

Boolean operations with slices

Self-Intersections Removal

Convert slice to STL

Feature Extraction

Pretty rendering module