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Free, live, online: netfabbinars demonstrate netfabb's key features in real time

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 by Elisabeth Bauer

netfabb has created a new service for you. Join our "netfabbinars", netfabb webinars—they are free, they're live, and they give you a good insight into what you will be able to achieve with netfabb.

There are two topics for you to choose from:

"Best Practice—Prepare files for 3D printing"

» Thursday, August 21, 2014
» Starting time: 9:00 AM CEST (UTC+2) or 6:00 PM CEST (UTC+2)
» Duration: 30 min.

Your benefits:

  • Watch a real-time demonstration of netfabb Professional's key features at work
  • See how to prepare and optimize your files for 3D Printing
  • Learn how to fix frequent errors easily and quickly
  • Ask any questions about the team play of netfabb and 3D Printing


"Inside Structures with netfabb 3S"

» Thursday, August 28, 2014
» Starting time: 9:00 AM CEST (UTC+2) or 6:00 PM CEST (UTC+2)
» Duration: 30 min.

Your benefits: Learn how to...

  • Reduce the weight of parts with netfabb 3S
  • Create porose parts
  • Change the properties of surfaces
  • Model complex parts
  • Create fascinating designs

Don't miss this great opportunity to look over the shoulder of our netfabb specialists. Feel free to ask any questions about data preparation with netfabb Professional respectively designing advanced structures with netfabb 3S.

We are looking forward to meeting you online!

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New: Design and Create Colorful Parts with netfabb Professional 5.2

Friday, July 25, 2014 by Alexander Steiner

Cool, it's color!

netfabb now can design and create objects in full color. Let your creativity flow—just imagine what fascinating ideas can come true if colors, textures, pictures, and logos will be placed onto your 3D printed parts. Discover the enticing new color highlights that netfabb Professional 5.2 will reveal:

Advanced graphic tools for simple surfaces: Colorize and texture your 3D models exactly as the final product should look like. Works even on single triangle level! You can also project a picture or logo directly onto your model. Make a direct plane projection or cover your model with the picture from all sides (cylindrical or spheric).


Parametric color, texture, and picture application for complexly curved surfaces: Load a picture or company logo and apply it as a texture onto your complex model. Using an adjustment grid, you can align the texture with absolute accuracy on the surface of your model.


netfabb 5.2 not only overcomes monochrome times, there's more to discover yet. Find out about its further compelling professional features!

Multiple platforms: Prepare multiple build jobs for multiple machines and applications at the same time! Like this, you'll get your build jobs and customer orders done faster than your competition. A predefined library of the most widely used Additive Manufacturing machines is included, more build platforms can easily be added, defined, and edited.


Refined part orientation: Accurate part–to–part or part–to–platform axis orientation increases your power in quality control and allows much faster part processing and placement. Even if it’s hundreds of parts you want to orientate. A real daily problem solver!


Plugin for Microsoft® Kinect®: Load the scanned 3D data from your Microsoft® Kinect® directly into the netfabb interface for fixing, closing holes, and further editing and adjustment. Like this, you can create easy 3D models of yourself, your cat, your mother-in-law, her favorite dish—the range of ideas is unlimited!


Japanese user interface: Many, many requests have reached us, here is the answer: The menu is now available also in Japanese language. For more info, please contact our Japanese distributor. Ganbatte!! ^^


netfabb Professional 5 users get the upgrade for free!

netfabb Studio Professional 4.X users can upgrade to version 5.2 for only EUR 899 (excl. VAT) resp. USD 1,199 (excl. VAT).

For more info, please take a look at the list of new features in netfabb Professional 5 and the supported file formats.

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netfabb Automatic Packing boosts productivity in Additive Manufacturing

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 by Alexander Steiner

Do you know this situation?

It took you hours to nest almost a hundred parts into your build envelope. Then you set up the machine and fed it with the data. But after a few hours of production the machine suddenly stops. An error has occurred. Not again...

Many people are not aware how resource-wasting such errors really are. Every single failed build costs lots of man hours, production resources and creates stress. And the whole situation costs even a lot more when you have to place all your parts manually for the next build job.

Fortunately there is a solution for this!

netfabb Automatic Packing automatically places your parts as compact as possible into your build envelope and enables a significant reduction of nesting time and material consumption, especially with a high number of parts. As a tool for quote and data preparation, it declines building costs directly and thereby increases your revenue per part.

netfabb also fixes your data and models even in the most complicated cases and reduces the probability for machine errors. It also enables you to feed your machines with 100% error-free slicing data - guaranteed.

Save your time and let your computer do the work for you. netfabb groups and arranges a large amount of different parts on the building platform as compact as possible. This saves printing material and a lot of manual work.

Elaborated control options allow you to control the size of your build platform and many other tools to increase your work efficiency. Further options for automatic part nesting include:

  • "Minimum distance" determines the distance between the parts. Keep it at 1.0 mm to get the most compact results.
  • Set "Accuracy" to determine the accuracy of the placement. The more accurate the more compact the arrangement will be and the longer the computer needs to do the calculation.
  • "Z rotation steps" determines how far the parts may be rotated when their rearrangement is done.
  • "Limit platform height": Set the maximum height up to which the parts shall be arranged on the platform.

netfabb Automatic Packing pays off really fast for companies offering Rapid Prototyping services and companies manufacturing a lot of parts per build job.

Invest today the equivalent amount of just a few kilograms of production material and save hundreds of build jobs and customer’s orders in the future.

Contact us today and discover how easy all this really goes with netfabb. Request more information and your quote today.

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