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netfabb 3S Structures in Silver at Euromold 2014

Wednesday, December 10, 2014 by Ulf Lindhe

At EUROMOLD 2014 in Frankfurt, Multistation, a key actor in the digital and metal additive manufacturing supply chain and authorised netfabb reseller in France, revealed micro-precision lattice structures designed with the netfabb Selective Space Structure (3S)software, and produced on a Solidscape®high precision 3D printer.

Figure: Different netfabb 3S lattice structures with 0.4 mm beam diameter printed on a Solidscape® MAX2 high precision 3D printer with some samples cast in silver.

The netfabb Selective Space Structures (3S) software can easily be used to design highly complex lattice structures including progressive, auxetic, anisotropic and conformal structures.

The Solidscape 3D printing technology is one of the most accurate machine on the market with a layer thickness capability down to 6 microns. This extreme precision and pattern accuracy together with the industry’s best surface finish enables   the printing of fine lattice structures in wax. The parts produced by these machines are ideal for investment casting processes.

 “The application spectrum of such lattice structures is countless: lightweight structures, filters, thermic exchangers, resilience (crash absorption), cells culture (for bones prosthesis for example) and why not a new way of designing aerospace parts or even jewellery parts,” states Yannick Loisance, CEO of Multistation.

“We are very proud that Multistation continues to discover new applications which will open new market for our 3D printers,” adds Fabio Esposito, CEO of Solidscape. “Multistation has been one of our most innovative partners for over 15 years.”

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One software for almost every Additive Manufacturing file format

Wednesday, November 12, 2014 by Alexander Steiner

Did you know?
netfabb Professional supports almost every Additive Manufacturing file format.

Are you still paying annual license fees for each and every mesh and CAD file format?
Imagine there would be one single smart tool that enables you to process and convert a huge amount of file formats. And that for a lifetime. Wouldn't that significantly increase your productivity and enhance your workflow?

Just take a look, whether the file formats you normally work with are included here:



netfabb Professional also will create 100% error-free slices for you. You can even convert one slice format into another and also convert slicing data back into STL models. netfabb supports all the slice formats that are used by most of the large AM machine manufacturers:


With the CAD Import add-on you can convert your CAD models without conversion and translation errors with a few clicks into STL files and other 3d mesh files.

After conversion of the model you can check its buildability, repair possible imperfections and start the production process. With the netfabb CAD Import you can process almost all standard CAD file formats that are available on the market:


Meet your delivery deadlines without troubling engineers or customers about file conversion.
And furthermore, you no longer need to purchase CAD software licenses and keep them just for the sake of file conversion.

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FIT and netfabb present Additive Design & Manufacturing at Inside 3D Printing in Santa Clara

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 by Ulf Lindhe

Inside 3D Printing in Santa Clara was a great success. We established many new contacts and got a chance to meet and chat with many of our existing friends and customers in Silicon Valley and beyond.

David Schäfer

The exhibit was focused on the Additive Design & Manufacturing concept - ADM - which is a new outsourcing service by FIT production and netfabb for industrial production using additive technologies. It provides a quick and easy entry to the world of additive Manufacturing with a minimum of risk and investment costs.

David Schäfer

On the evening before the event we also had the opportunity to run a special event at the Silicon Valley Forum for metal Additive Manufacturing. After a brief keynote by Terry Wohlers on the state and future of additive manufacturing in metal David Schäfer from FIT Production made an excellent presentation showcasing various metal parts made by ADM.

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