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New mesh manipulation tricks in netfabb 7.4

Thursday, April 14, 2016 by Alexander Steiner

New user interface and workflow for the extrude functions and a "Shear mesh" feature have been added in version 7.4 to the broad tool kit of netfabb's mesh manipulation abilities.

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3D Printing a Customized Ukulele

Friday, February 05, 2016 by Alexander Steiner

netfabb Casy Study with Ian Hanna, a consultant from Detroit:

"I create, share, and sell part files for customers to make parts on their own 3d printers. I use many of netfabb's features in my design work. One example of a project that I used netfabb extensively is a ukulele with a bear on the head of the instrument.

I planned on sharing the Bear Ukulele on popular 3d print sites. The files needed to be compatible with all different kinds of 3D printers and their associated software. Prior to using netfabb I would repair meshes manually in my CAD software. This was a very time consuming process. Now, I simply ran the ukulele parts through netfabb's repair process before sending or posting them.

netfabb is not only great at making repairs on parts, but I have found it to be an invaluable tool when working with large complex meshes. I digitally sculpted the bear head and the process created a huge file. Many programs I work with, no matter how powerful my computer, struggled to do basic tasks on the complex mesh. netfabb's Boolean operations, which allow you to combine and subtract parts, run very fast and the parts are free from errors. The Boolean functions allowed me to combine the sculpted bear head with the CAD drawn neck with ease.

netfabb's advantage with complex parts is not limited to the Boolean operations. I used netfabb to position the digitally sculpted paws exactly where I wanted them relative to the holes for the tuners. The intuitive interface for translating and rotating, combined with the program's speed, make it the best way to fine tune a parts location.

netfabb's features enable me to create unique parts which differentiate me from other designers in a competitive market."

Find out more about Ian Hanna and his work:


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netfabb 7 is here!

Thursday, January 21, 2016 by Alexander Steiner

netfabb Professional/Enterprise 7 is released!

Get a quick impression of the complete workflow that netfabb 7 and the available add-ons provide:

Another exciting change coming with netfabb 7 is the inclusion of the full CAD Import add-on as a standard feature in netfabb Professional and netfabb Enterprise. This allows you to import 20+ of the most used CAD file formats and convert them into clean STL and other Additive Manufacturing files. Request a free trial today:

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