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Maximize your machine output with optimized packing. Save materials and time. With netfabb’s Automatic Packing for Additive Manufacturing machines you can automate your production process and reduce costs.

The netfabb Automatic Packing Premium Tool is a one-click solution to automatically pack a high number
of parts into a build platform.

Increase revenue
Efficient packing of parts is essential to maximize revenue from each build. Every extra part that can be fitted into your build means additional revenue and reduced manufacturing costs per parts in each build.

Free up resources

Optimize Sustainability

Increase revenue

Reduce material

Save lead time

Reduce CO2 footprint

Reduce costs

More capacity

Minimize waste

Save Time
Automatic Packing saves preparation time to set up a build. Free up capacity by eliminating manual work in time consuming packing operations. The netfabb Automatic Packing enables you to select packing accuracy and choose between different packing styles.

Reduce Material Costs
A high density of parts in a build improves the ratio between parts built and material wasted. The netfabb Automatic Packing yield a high return on investment due to material costs savings alone. Reduced material waste further reduces costs for handling waste materials and reduces the CO2 footprint.